Mechanical, Agriculture and Transport Engineering

Mechanical, Agriculture and Transport Engineering


Chair: Krasimir Trendafilov

Secretary: Miglena Kazakova


Google Meet Room:


Session 1

November 4, 2021

Start at 13:00 EET

Online oral presentations and discussion

13:00 Mitko Nikolov and Iliya Todorov Classification of details subject to reconditioning through overlaying process and their structural parameters
13:15 Svetlin Stoyanov Developing of a multiphysics model of an electromagnetic launching system
13:30 Bojin Bojinov, Silviya Vasileva and Bozhidar Ivanov Current state and usage limitations of vegetation indices in precision agriculture
13:45 Galya Hristova, Petya Veleva and Manol Dallev Statistical models describing the uniformity of the working depth of a fertilizer aggregate in a lavender plantation
14:00 Atanas Iliev, Peter Kazakov, Dobri Rusev and Mitko Dimitrov Improving the accuracy of measurement in the practices in the course of „Engine testing“


Posters and video presentations discussion

Mitko Nikolov, Planen Kangalov, Nina Gospodinova and Mitko Stoyanov Running-in with friction modifier of repaired engines with restored crankshaft and bearings
Oleksandr Kupriyanov, Hanna Hrinchenko, Roman Strelchuk and Mykhailo Kupriianov Ensuring the Quality of Fuel Equipment Joints in Series Production Conditions by Graded Kitting


Session 2

November 5, 2021

Start at 10:00 EET