Fashion and Textile Design and Technologies

Fashion and Textile Designs and Technologies


Chair: Zlatina Kazlacheva

Secretaries: Julieta Ilieva, Petya Dineva


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Session 1

November 5, 2020

Start at 13:00 EET

Oral presentations

13:00 Elsayed Elnashar Novelties Filtration Theory of Liquid Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry in Volume Nanotube of Cotton Filament of Layers Woven Fabrics
13:15 Svetozar Ilchev, Rumen Andreev, Zlatoliliya Ilcheva and Ekaterina Otsetova-Dudin Software for laser projection of CAD files for the clothing industry
13:30 Tatjana Spahiu, Athanasios Manavis, Zlatina Kazlacheva, Henrique Armorim Almeida, Panagiotis Kyratsis Industry 4.0 for fashion products – Case studies using 3D technology


Poster and Video presentations

Murat Ayvali, Leon Bussieweke, Georg Druzinin, Mikail Korkmaz and Andrea Ehrmann 3D printing on warp-knitted fabrics
Leon Dirkes, Jonas Daniel Massanés, Robin Böttjer, Jan Lukas Storck, Andrea Ehrmann Outdoor vertical farming on textile substrates
Radostina Angelova and Daniela Sofronova E-textile for non-invasive control of the body movement of bedridden patients
Radostina Angelova, Rositsa Velichkova, Daniela Sofronova, Peter Stankov and Ivaylo Ganev Consumption of Electric Energy in the Production of Cotton Textiles and Garments
Elena Blagova, Diana Balabanova and Blagoyka Paleva-Kadiyska Analysis of non-conventional (dry) sizing methods
Isak Karabegović The role of “Industry 4.0” in innovative and technological progress of the textile industry
Sergei Pryvalа and Valeriy Pryvalа Rationale for the development of the design of a microwave installation for cleaning wool yarn in the conditions of modern textile enterprises
Mykola Riabchykov, Olexandr Alekszndrov, Yuriy Sychov and Anastasiia Nikulinam Bacteriostatic properties of medical textiles treated with nanomaterials based on Fe2O3
Dzmitry Ryklin and Andrei Navumenka Determination of limiting fibers blend irregularity
Sergey Medvetski, Dzmitry Ryklin and Vital Davidziuk Research of influence of blended yarn structure including stainless steel fibers on its properties


Session 2

November 6, 2020

Start at 10:00 EET

Posters and Video Presentations

Anne-Marie Grundmeier, Mohammad Abu Rous, Nadja Berner-Dannenmann and Timo Hammer Pilot study on perspiration odour with students as test persons
Anne-Marie Grundmeier and Cathrine Strobel-Theunissen Teacher training in bachelor studies for textile and clothing technology – a pilot study
Alla Slavinska, Victoriia Mytsa, Oksana Syrotenko and Oksana Dombrovska Method of identification of geometric transformations of surfaces in problems of optimization of a design of a man’s jacket
Alla Slavinska, Oksana Syrotenko, Victoriia Mytsa, Oksana Dombrovska and Anna Navrotska The Method of Species Clustering of Attributes of a Complex Wardrobe in the Style of Family Look
Oksana Zakharkevich, Iryna Poluchovich, Svetlana Kuleshova, Juliya Koshevko, Galina Shvets and Alexander Shvets “CloStyler” – mobile application to calculate the parameters of clothing blocks
Iryna Poluchovich, Oksana Zakharkevich, Svetlana Kuleshova, Juliya Koshevko, Galina Shvets and Alexander Shvets Analysis of the smart clothing technologies in dance costume designing
Jiaqi Yan and Victor Kuzmichev Fit evaluation for virtual men’s shirt
Shichao Zhang and Victor Kuzmichev Method of historical patterns analyzing
Sida Wan and Victor Kuzmichev Qualimetry Study of Women’s Jacket Fit
Peng Xia and Victor Kuzmichev An evaluation of virtual apparel
Xinzhou Wu and Victor Kuzmichev Improvement and Evaluation of Female Wetsuit Design
Tanya Peneva, Zlatina Kazlacheva and Julieta Ilieva Adaptation of a system for pattern design of twist knot draperies for knitted fabrics
Zlatina Kazlacheva and Angelina Kosinkova-Stoeva An investigation of pattern design of draped necklines
Zlatina Kazlacheva and Krasimira Radieva A study on pattern making of sleeves with curved shoulders
Julieta Ilieva, Zlatina Kazlacheva, Petya Dineva, Liliana Indrie and Elena Florea-Burduja A study on application of the golden and Fibonacci geometry in design of fashion accessories
Julieta Ilieva Development of floral textile patterns on the base of the golden and Fibonacci geometry
Krasimira Radieva An investigation of shaping in design of Christian Dior and Cristobal Balenciaga
Angelina Kosinkova-Stoeva A study on connections between and colors in fashion design on the base of ancient Thracian and Greek costumes
Tania Peneva, Diana Balabanova, Galia Dolapchieva and Krasimir Krastev Research on the relation between the percentage of elastomeric threads in the yarn and the stretch of Punto di Roma Jersey knitted fabrics needed for the designing of knitted dresses
Krasimir Krastev, Galia Dolapchieva and Diana Balabanova    A study of changes in some dimensional features of the female body during pregnancy necessary for constructing maternity apparel
Tania Peneva, Diana Balabanova, Galia Dolapchieva and Krasimir Krastev Determining the deformation properties of jacquard single jersey for pattern designing dresses, by the percentage of Elastane in the yarn