Energetics, Energy Efficiency, Architecture

Energetics, Energy Efficiency, Architecture


Chair: Petko Tsankov

Secretaries: Sivelina Delcheva, Ivan Binev


Google Meet Room: https://meet.google.com/cnn-ayxu-kbe



November 5, 2020

Start at 13:00 EET

Oral presentations

13:00 Nely Georgieva, Sivelina Delcheva and Petko Tsankov Analysis of the capabilities of software products to simulate the behavior of dynamic fluid flows
13:15 Angel Terziev, Hristo Beloev and Iliya Iliev Risk analysis in terms of implementation of large scale cogeneration power plant
13:30 Galena Angelova, Mariya Brazkova and Albert Krastanov Renewable mycelium based composite – sustainable approach for lignocellulose wastes recovery and alternative to synthetic materials – A Review
13:45 Veneta Yosifova, Nikolay Stoimenov and Milena Haralampieva On-site research with thermal camera on industrial heating
14:00 Nikolay Takuchev Vegetation in Bulgaria according to data from satellite observations and NASA models
14:15 Rosen Petrov, Milena Haralampieva and Veneta Yosifova Batteries or hydrogen fuel cells in automotive Industry
14:30 Milena Haralampieva, Rosen Petrov and Veneta Yosifova Sensible Thermal Energy Storage Systems Used in Buildings


Poster and Video presentations

Krasimir Ivanov, Nely Georgieva, Stanislava Tasheva and Vanya Gandova Energy efficiency of industrial system
Oleg Krol, Volodymyr Sokolov and Petko Tsankov The modified drive of a metal-cutting machine with the V-belt transmission of increased resource
Olga Savchenko, Ugur Turan and Viktoriia Veriutina Creating an organisational and economic mechanism for energy enterprises
Vadim Petrov, Ahlitdin Sadridinov and Alexander Pichuev Mathematical Simulation of Electrotechnology Characteristics of Mining Complexes
Kostadin Yotov, Emil Hadzhikolev and Stanka Hadzhikoleva Influence of the Price of Electricity for the Industry on the Consumption in the Economic Sector in Bulgaria