Computer Technology and Applied Mathematics

Computer Technology and Applied Mathematics


Chair: Kaloyan Yankov

Secretaries: Miroslav Vasilev, Antoaneta Dimitrova


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Session 1

November 5, 2020

Start at 13:00 EET

Oral presentations

13:00 Ankit Kumar, Kunal Jani, Divyansh Khatri, Hrishitva Patel, Aditya Kumar Sharma and Nabin Kumar Sahu A Computer Based Simulation Showing Balance of the Population of Predator and Prey and the Effects of Human Intervention
13:15 Magdalena Garvanova and Vladimir Ivanov Quality assessment of image deburring algorithms
13:30 Krasimira Ivanova An Experimental Model of the Collect/Report Paradigm
13:45 Krasimira Ivanova Storing Dynamical Data Using Natural Language Addressing
14:00 Olesia Nechuiviter, Olena Iarmosh and Kyrylo Kovalchuk Numerical calculation of multidimensional integrals depended on input information about the function in mathematical modelling of technical and economic processes
14:15 Nikolay Kaskatiyski and Lyben Boyanov Acquiring and storing data from IoT into Hadoop
14:30 Stefan Tsokov, Milena Lazarova and Adelina Aleksieva-Petrova Accelerometer-based human activity recognition using 1D convolutional neural network
14:45 Gabriela Kiryakova E-assessment – beyond the traditional assessment in digital environment
15:00 Iveta Nikolova On some applications of mathematical models in biology and medicine
15:15 Ivelina Vardeva Implementation of port knocking on routeros
15:30 Luben Boyanov and Nikolay Dragomirov Digital transformation challenges of logistics in Bulgaria


Poster and Video presentations

Tsvetanka Georgieva-Trifonova and Mahmut Duraku Research on n-grams feature selection methods for text classification
Zlatin Zlatev, Mariya Georgieva-Nikolova, Petya Bakalova and Tanya Dimitrova Hen and quail eggs quality prediction using their dielectric properties
Rumyana Yankova, Svetlana Genieva, Milen Dimov and Mariya Nikolova Intra- and intermolecular interactions in the aluminium selenite hexahydrate
Krasimir Yordzhev On some representations of context-free languages
Galya Shivacheva and Kaloyan Yankov Graphical simulation of functions
Borislav Stoyanov, Ivan Dimitrov, Irini Doytchinova and Ivan Bangov Clustering of Red/White Wine and Allergen/non-Allergen Data Sets by Using Descriptor Fingerprints
Tsvetanka Georgieva-Trifonova and Miroslav Dechev Applying text mining methods to extracting information from news articles
Tanya Pehlivanova-Gocheva and Veselina Nedeva Attributes selection using machine learning for analysing students’ dropping out of university: a case study
Kaloyan Yankov Generation of phase trajectories of experimental data
Miroslav Vasilev, Galya Shivacheva and Krasimir Krastev Predicting the day of storage of dairy products by data combination
Marija Menkinoska, Zora Uzunoska, Tatjana Pavlova, Tatjana Blazevska and Zlatin Zlatev Nutritional status and lifestyle as factors for obesity and malnutrition in adolescents in the Republic of Northern Macedonia
Svetoslav Atanasov Predicting soil moisture based on the color of the leaves using data mining and machine learning techniques


Session 2

November 6, 2020

Start at 10:00 EET

Posters and Video Presentations

Ivan Popchev and Daniela Orozova Data Science: Experience and Trends
Daniela Orozova and Nely Hristova Analytical data research in e-learning systems
Veselina Nedeva and Tanya Pehlivanova Students’ performance analyses using machine learning algorithms in WEKA
Miroslav Galabov and Yulian Pastarmov Adapting a method for tracking the movement of the camera in the visualization of augmented reality
Vadim Petrov, Ahlitdin Sadridinov and Alexander Pichuev Mathematical Simulation of Electrotechnology Characteristics of Mining Complexes
Miroslav Dechev, Miroslav Galabov and Tsvetanka Georgieva-Trifonova Challenges to the security of users using Facebook applications
Miroslav Trankov, Emil Hadzhikolev and Stanka Hadzhikoleva Model of a personal guide for museum exhibitions
Todor Rachovski, Emil Hadzhikolev and Stanka Hadzhikoleva Models and Methodologies for Automated Creating of Webpage Mobile Versions
Lina Yordanova, Gabriela Kiryakova, Petya Veleva, Nadezhda Angelova and Antoaneta Yordanova Criteria for selection of statistical data processing software
Mariya Docheva, George Totkov, Silvia Gaftandzhieva and Rositsa Doneva Hybrid model for quality evaluation in secondary education
Miroslav Vasilev and Kaloyan Yankov Model of action of angiotensin II receptors on smooth muscle preparations of Ileum
Radoslava Gabrova, Angel Danev, Vladimira Ganchovska and Hristina Andreeva Explore the possibilities for objective assessment of some beer quality indicators
Alexander Andonov Constructing a hyperoperation sequence – pisa hyperoperations
Ivan Ivanov, Georgi Hristov and Vanya Stoykova Algorithms for optimizing packet propagation latency in software-defined networks
Antoaneta Yordanova and Pavlina Teneva Determination of Factors Affecting Vitamin D Levels in Women at Risk using Classification and Regression Tree Analysis
Mark Kirichev, Todor Slavov and Galina Momcheva Fuzzy U-Net Neural Network Architecture Optimization for Image Segmentation
Atanaska Bosakova-Ardenska, Hristina Andreeva, Angel Danev, Peter Panayotov and Petya Boyanova Cut surface of Bulgarian white brined cheese evaluation by image analysis in HSI color space