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Faculty of Technics and Technologies (FTT) – Yambol was established in 1964. From 1997 FTT is a structure in Trakia University – Stara Zagora. (www.uni-sz.bg) In November 2011 Technical College – Yambol is transform into Faculty of Technics and Technologies of Trakia University – Stara Zagora (By Decree No 308 / 17.11.2011 ). FTT has 55 years’ tradition in education:

Managing bodies



Academic staff

Short history of Faculty of Engineering and Technologies – Yambol

Managing body

Dean – Prof. Eng. Krasimira Georgieva, PhD;

Vice Dean of Academic Affairs is Assoc. Prof.Eng.Krasimira Dobreva, PhD.

Vice Dean of Science and International Activities  is Assoc.Prof. Eng.Nely Gerogieva, PhD

Vice Dean of Adiministrative and Information activities is Assoc. Prof. Krasimir Krastev, PhD.

Scientific Secretar of Faculty of Engineering and Technology – Assoc.Prof. Vanya Stoykova, PhD


Trakia University – Stara Zagora received full institutional accreditation by decision of the National Evaluation and Accreditation Agency.

National accreditation: from 26.07.2018 for 6 (six) years

Valid to: 26.07.2024

Evaluation: 9.20 (maximal is 10)

Capacity of students: 9435.


Majors of Technical College – Yambol are programmed accredited as follows in Bachelor degree.

Electronics, Electrical engineering and Automation:

  • Electrical Engineering – A Technologist in the production of electric machines and apparatus, a organizer of assembly, installation, operation  and repair of electrical machines and appliances in the units  of the national electricity company, industries and companies.
  • Automation, Information and Controlling Equipment – Graduates of Technical College have the opportunity to work as specialists in field of implementation, installation and operation of modern means of automation and information-control systems.

Mechanical Engineering:

  • Auto transport and Agricultural Technique and Technologies – Specialists, technologists and technicians in all departments and companies that own, use , maintenance and  repair motor transport and agricultural machinery 

    Design, technology and Management of Fashion Industry – The ‘Design, Technology and Management of the Fashion Industry’ alumni have worked as fashion designers and pattern makers, technologists of apparel and textile industry, managers of fashion houses and studios, apparel and textile firms.

Food Technologies:

  • Food Technology – The students can be realized as technologists and organizers of production processes in food industry and commercial refrigeration systems , quality controllers of  raw material and products in the food production.


  • Heat and Gas Supply – Graduates can be realized as entrepreneurs, investors and  managers of small and medium-sized companies to build installations  and their maintenance, providers of distribution  of pumping and compressor stations ’pipeline highways’  supervisors, heads of laboratory workshops of setting up and repairing of gas equipment and gas-saving  controllers  in services.
  • Industrial Engineering.

Majors of FTT – Yambol are programmed accredited as follows in Master degree.

Majors of FTT – Yambol are programmed accredited as follows in PhD degree.

The FTT has a School Building with modern furnished rooms and laboratories. The practical training takes place in the base and practical training in basic schools and enterprises. For students there is a sports complex, indoor swimming pool, sauna, coffee club, library, student canteen and two student hostels with a capacity of 450 persons.

The duration of training courses for all students is three years. The successful graduated students acquire the degree of „professional bachelor“ and the teacher.

The students are prepared for specialists who can organize and manage all activities in the professional field. Theoretical and practical knowledge of required courses on directions makes them possible to work as professionals in public and private business.

Academic staff

The academic staff of the FTT includes 7 professors , 26 associate professors , 24 assistants and 1 lecturers . In 2012/2013 academic year 740 students are educated in regular and part-time training .  The t raining is conducted under educational documentation , developed pursuant to Decree 130 of 21 June 1999 and Decree 162 of 23  June 2002 .It is approved by the Academic Council of Trakia University . Specialists are prepared to organize and manage all activities in the professional field . The theoretical  and practical knowledge of required courses on majors and directions makes it possible to work as professionals in public and private business.

Short history

On 11.05.2019 the Faculty of Technics and Technology –Yambol was 55 years. FTT – Yambol is the successor of two important city schools – Pedagogical High  School and’ Pedagogical Teachers Institute . The Pedagogical High School lasted several years until 1964 when was founded the Teachers Institute, with  main activity – preparing of teachers in practice. This Institute began its history with a major „Mechanization of agriculture” in the building of the School of mechanization of agriculture. In the beginning the number of students exceeds 60 people, and the number of lecturers is about ten . The first director of the Teachers Institute is Todor Angelov  Mihailov .

In the early 70’s the number of students increased and the number of lecturers doubled . The Institute moved into the building of the School of Food Industry. In 1973 it become  an independent institute for training and qualification of teachers in practice. In 1974 it opened a new major – „Vehicle’s Maintains“ and two years later – a new major -„Technology of Textile Industry“. Simultaneously, in the institute is launched part time education. 

In the late 70’s and early 80’s the Teacher education institute in the town of Yambol is already large and leading educational organization among the institutes, training teachers in practice. During this period the institute already has a qualified academic staff and improved facilities and equipment. Teaching staff at the institute are well trained theoretically and practically. 

In 1984 the Teaching Educational Institute has a new building and campus that were built by voluntary labor participation of the lecturers and the students.

In 1987 in the Teaching Educational Institute are educated 1030 regular training students and 300 part-time students  on over 10 majors.

In 1989 the Teaching Educational Institute was reorganized as the College structure of the University „Angel Kanchev“ – Rousse.

By Decree № 374/15.10.1997 of the Council of Ministers of Bulgaria the College was transformed into a Technical College in the structure of the Trakia University in Stara Zagora with main activity to educate in Technical science area teacher qualification.


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