It is a pleasure for us that this year ICTTE 2019 will be financed by the National Science Fund of Bulgaria! 

This year 2019, Oct 16-18 will be held International Conference on Technics, Technologies and Education (ICTTE)Organizers of the ICTTE is Faculty of Technics and Technology (FTT)– Yambol (short information about FTT can read here). Co-organizer is the Union of Scientists of Bulgaria – Yambol branch. 

Presented at the Conference papers in English will be published in ICTTE 2019 Proceedings: ISSN: 1314 – 9474 (CD – ROM), ISSN:  2603 – 445X (Online).

International Conference on Technics, Technologies, and Education is a conference held annually by the Faculty of Technics and Technology – Yambol (FTT) at Thrakia University – Stara Zagora (www.uni-sz.bg). Under this name, it has been running since 2013. In the years, the conference was established as an important scientific forum for a meeting of Bulgarian and foreign specialists, young scientists and businessmen in the field of machine building, automotive and agricultural machinery, computer equipment and communications, power engineering, textile and clothing industry, food industry, education etc., where new developments and development policies are discussed in these areas. 

During the opening, a plenary session takes place, where leading scientists have the opportunity to present their research findings to the scientific community. 

During the ICTTE 2019 (18th Oct 2019) FTT organizes Special Session “The internationalization of higher education – the driving force for the development of the Yambol region and Bulgaria” dedicated to the 55th celebration of higher education in Yambol. (more information here).

This year, 105 reports were submitted by more than 180 participants, 78 of them from abroad and representing 13 countries – Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Brazil, India, Kazakhstan, Macedonia, Moldova, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Turkey, Ukraine, and the Czech Republic.